I’ve known Jenn Hevey for many years. What I have always known about her is her desire to help others with their goals of feeling whole and healthy. Jenn has amazingly positive energy and her workouts and encouragement are the most genuine. She invests in her people and helps them to learn to invest in themselves. I lost my mother and grandmother last year and had been totally unhealthy, depressed and lost for more than 6 months. Jenn’s workouts and support helped me to feel “in my body” again. For the first time in a long time, I was able to invest in myself. I would highly recommend her Vitality Club Vitalité program to anyone who, not only wants a kick-ass workout, but also an empathetic and understanding support along your journey!!

What is the Vitality Club Vitalité?

Simply put … The Vitality Club Vitalité is a premium online club with the main objective of optimizing your fitness, health and well-being by building simple, healthy and sustainable habits.

This club is different from other online clubs as there is a great focus on ‘LIVE’ workouts, workouts that are done ‘live’, like going to the gym to attend a class in person. For many, the motivation and determination are just not there to workout at home alone as they please, without a real appointment, without a fixed schedule; so the option of ‘LIVE” classes is the solution to empower and organize you. Plus, the energy and the vibe are even better when we’re there together, at the same time!

The class content is carefully planned to give you the best possible results, while keeping the experience pleasant and positive. Classes are bilingual (French and English), another unique side of this club. My many years of experience in the world of fitness and my multiple certifications gives me a great advantage and ensures that I know my field very well. The Vitality Club Vitalité truly offers you a premium experience… a VIP style experience!

This club is for you if…

you are tired of feeling out of shape

you are often tired or even exhausted

you are overweight or underweight

you feel like your body is weak and soft

you lack physical endurance

you lack mobility and flexibility

you have zero motivation to workout

you lack time and confidence in yourself

you are stressed, lack patience and have foggy thoughts

you have no idea what to do and don't know how to perform exercises correctly...

Well, the Vitality Club Vitalité is there for you! To help you, to guide you and to motivate you to resume a healthy lifestyle and sustain it! Put a stop on the feelings of not feeling good about yourself… you deserve to be well, filled with vitality to be able to lead a great life, to age well and to be able to pursue your passions and goals, both on personal and professional level.

The Spring package of 'LIVE' training classes offers you...

‘LIVE’ online workouts…

Live, we train together at the same time! LIVE classes will be recorded during the broadcast, so if for some reason you cannot attend live, you will have the chance to retake the class for free within 7 days.

Two different 'LIVE' workout per week...

A nice variety of workouts that will help you reach your goals faster and the variety makes the classes not boring! The classes are bilingual (French and English).

For all fitness and skill levels...

Modifications are provided for each exercise and workout; no one is left behind!

Everything can be done from home…

Each workout can be done from the comfort of your home, the space required is minimal, just enough for an exercise mat and you are all set.

Little equipment required…

The required equipment is also very little, no need to spend hundreds of dollars…. elastic bands, exercise mat, small dumbbells and a stability ball are sufficient. I'll walk you through affordable options if you need help.

A pleasant and motivating atmosphere…

During the classes, the atmosphere is dynamic, motivating and positive. There is no judging and all participants are encouraged to go at their own pace.

An exclusive VIP community on Facebook…

Where we talk about all kinds of things (nutrition, well-being, sleep, hydration, motivation etc.) to help you achieve optimal and lasting vitality. The group is private and reserved only for VIP members of the Vitality Club Vitalité.

Extremely affordable…

Normally for my ‘LIVE’ classes, the fees are $ 20 per class. With the 8 week Spring package, it's only $7.50 per class or $6.00 per class with the special promo offer; a real bargain!

40% off the on demand unlimited training package...

Unlimited access to the entire selection of pre-recorded classes - classes on demand on the Vitality Club Vitalité platform. You do them according to your availability and your tastes. Accessible at all times during your monthly plan!

Happy Participants ...

I have done several programs with Jennifer and love them! She is dedicated to keeping her clients engaged and challenged. The programs are well thought out with enough variety and the end result is that you feel GREAT and see results. I highly recommend her programs.
Working out virtually with Jennifer has been amazing. The classes are energetic, fun and the workouts are always different ensuring There is a great variety of exercises. Jennifer's pace and tempo can meet all skill levels and she is always there for you when you have questions about the workouts. And whenever you miss a class the recorded sessions are easily accessible and easy to follow on your own as well. I highly recommend joining and being a part of the Vitality team.
- PAM L.
Having followed my first training class in years, I couldn't have been better, a passionate and dynamic woman who knows how to transmit her passion to bring us to surpass ourselves! Friendly atmosphere, flexible schedule, I highly recommend you!
- Frédéric H.

Vitality Club Vitalité
Spring Package

Total of 16 classes for 8 weeks

From April 11 to June 5, 2021


All amounts are in Canadian dollars and taxes applicable for Canadian residents.

Schedule & Description of the Classes

From April 11 to June 5, 2021



‘ Live ‘ ON Zoom

AT: 6:00 PM ET



Total Body Training « TBT »

‘ Live ‘ ON Zoom

AT: 6:30 PM ET


60 MIN

Training with intervals

20 sec of efforts – 10 sec rest

8 rounds per exercise set

Cardio. Resistance Training. Abs.



Total Body Training « TBT »
50 MIN

Mix training methods

With and without intervals

Full body training

Resistance Training. Abs.




Low Intensity

Medium Intensity

High Intensity


Live workouts via the Zoom platform. We train together at the same time! Availability to retake the class, recordings are available for 7 days.

Adaptable for each skill level: Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced

Modifications provided for each exercise.

Each class starts with a warm up and end with a cool down.

Jennifer manages to keep my motivation to work out with her well-balanced workouts between cardio and strength training. She explains the movements well and helps me avoid further injury. She makes the Tabata accessible to everyone by adjusting the pace. I especially like the pink and green visual tool that helps me support the effort. And what to say about her choice of music ... I feel like I'm going back to dancing at a party in my high school gym to good old rock. I love it!
- Isabelle G.

Vitality Club Vitalité - Spring Package

The benefits of being fit and healthy are many... don't wait any longer! You won't regret it… I promise!

A strong body with good endurance

Better confidence in yourself

A more robust immunity system

Lasting energy

A positive and ambitious mindset

A body that you love and feel good in

An important reduction in your stress levels

Aging gracefully with a quality of life that is beautiful, energetic and optimal; a healthy body that moves well and gives you the opportunity to make the most of your life, even as you get older

Choose you!!! Allow yourself to give yourself the chance and the tools you need to boost your health and vitality! Now more than ever we must do all we can to build and maintain a strong immune system. Regular exercise is guaranteed to help you, I promise! Let’s get in shape together while having fun!

Have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact me via email at : vcv@i-arise.com it will be my pleasure to answer you. 

Looking forward to getting in shape and sweating a drop or two together!

Hello and Welcome!

Let me introduce myself, I am Jennifer; a mom, health and vitality expert, certified fitness coach and holistic health practitioner with over 10 years of experience. I also have the honor of being one of the Fitness and Wellness Managers for the Canadian Armed Forces.

I am passionate about natural health and have a great passion for total well-being and for educating people to lead healthier, more gratifying lives. I specialize in helping people optimize their fitness, health and well-being by building simple, healthy and sustainable habits. I use an integrative approach to teaching natural and holistic health and provide my clients with the basic foundations and essential tools for achieving optimal and lasting health and vitality.

This quote from Lao Tzu inspires me a lot with my coaching methods which are primarily based on education: “Give a man a fish, and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime!”

I’m on a never-ending quest to learn the latest teachings and techniques that the holistic and fitness world has to offer. I strive to stay informed, curious, and proactive to help my clients achieve their ultimate goals. Often times, my greatest teachers are the very people I get to work with each and every day!  The passion and enthusiasm for my work is seen in the success of educating my clients toward their own health. I am blessed with an opportunity to live each day educating and helping others discover their own path to health.  My peers would describe me as a smiling, energetic, positive and motivating person; someone who never gives up and pours her heart and soul with everything she does. When I am not coaching I devote my time to my son, my family, I love exploring nature and nurturing other personal passions.

In health and happiness,


• C.H.E.K (Corrective High-Performance Exercise Kinesiology) Holistic Life Coach Level 2
• C.H.E.K. Exercise Coach
• C.H.E.K Practitioner Level 2
• Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P)
• Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Expert (HTMA-P)
• Pre & Post Natal Fitness and Nutrition Specialist
• Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization Trainer – Rehabilitation Prague School.
• Certification ELDOA 1 + 2 (étirements Longitudinaux avec décapitation ostéo-articulaire)
• Certification Myofascial Stretching
• Certification CPR and AED